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about forcing yourself to take a picture, one day at a time

Over the last years it kind of became a trend to picture your whole year in photographs, one per day. I always laughed about people announcing „I’m gonna take a pic every day! For sure I will!“ with big ambition – only to fail after some weeks. I also laughed about myself when I came up with the same idea on the evening of December 31st, sitting together with some friends drinking beer, laughing and celebrating the end of 2016.

Two or three (or ten) beers later I didn’t laugh any longer but said „why not at least try“ to myself.

At this point I already knew that this whole thing would be a quite personal story. Sure, it’s pictures out of my everyday life, taken by me, it has to be personal you may say. But it’s a bit more than that – usually, at least for me, you only publish online when you’re in a good mood, there’s something nice around you, some happy or beautiful scenery.

Forcing yourself to take a picture every day, between all your duties and in whichever mood you are, also forces you to either find beauty when there is none – or also picture the not so beautiful things around you.

So for the last years I made pictures when on holiday, when traveling, being together with friends, enjoying the summer, spring or whatever season on nice places. I wouldn’t take pictures on my way to work, in the mid of the night while walking alone – or when in a bad mood. Now I have to.

And here we are at some point which I think is true for every kind of picture you take: your current mood actually heavily influences the picture. How you take it, how you arrange it, how you edit it. How you describe it. Whether or not you even describe it. Putting your feelings into sometimes one, sometimes one hundred pictures.

With knowing this I hope, no I know, that after one year I can look back at every single day to see and feel how I felt back then and what I did see when taking each picture.

So I started with a blurry picture of the others around me firing rockets on 1st of January. Blurry, out of focus, too dark. If you scroll down to see the other pictures you will find some more pictures that are far away from being perfect or even well made – at least out of a clinical photographer’s perspective. They are also not perfect as photographs to me as a photographer. Still they are somehow perfect – as pictures perfectly capturing a moment. Telling a story. If not to you, at least to me. And here we’re back at the „personal“ part. This whole text may be the most personal one on this website and so are the pictures on my Instagram channel. Take your time to scroll through them if you want to – and maybe you’re inspired to also start something similar! Let me know if you feel like that or leave a comment at the bottom of this page, I’d really like to read them! 🙂

Enough said – let the pictures speak.

You can find them embedded below, when visiting my Instagram-Profile @achisto or under the hashtag #achisto365 on Instagram. I’d be really happy if you follow me there and leave a comment below one of my pictures or at the bottom of this page!  icon-heart


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