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I am a musician myself and have been organizing concerts, playing with my band and taking pictures of musicians for over 7 years. Music is love – and I want to share that love by taking pictures of your gigs which catch these unique feelings during a concert and preserve them so that you have something to look back on.

What kind of jobs I cover:

  • live-concerts
  • band photo shoots
  • backstage photos
  • studio photos
  • tour-photos (gigs and trip)

What I offer:

  • professional and flexible appearance
  • more than 5 years of experience with concert photography
  • potent equipment for all kind of situations*
  • pictures transporting your gig’s unique atmosphere

*unless on explicit demand I don’t like to use flashes when covering live concerts or events. Therefore my camera and lenses need to be capable enough to produce good pictures even at bad lighting conditions, as a result I own several prime lenses as well as fast zoom lenses. Tech talk: Nikon D750 / Nikon D500 // 24-70 2.8 / 70-200 2.8 / 24 1.4 / 35 1.4 / 50 1.8 / 85 1.4 // Nikon SB910 flash

In and around Erfurt as well as most parts of Thuringia you will most likely not have to pay for my journey. If you’re located somewhere else in Germany or are planning to tour through Europe please also feel free to contact me and discuss options!

Want to see more pictures?

 icon-picture-o  Visit my concert blog!

I already had the pleasure to work with artists and locations including but not limited to the following:

Acoustic Massacre
Anti Smile

Basement Cake
Bedtime Stories
Black Splendor
Blue Barrel

Chris Louis
This Coffee Makes Me Strong

David Dehn


Flo Decker
Florian Schneider
Forging The Storm
Forgotten Chapter

Goldman $ucks
Green Greets

Hanna Rieger
Heiko Schmidt
The Hellevator
Holle BmC

Jan Daniel
Jimmy Black
Julian Markert
Junes OD
Lisa Pfahler
Lucid Void
Lunatic Dictator

Maximilian Jäger
Melted Moon
Mind Blowing
The Morning Pints

Nature Of Sound
Nicki Wissel
Not Called Jinx

Private Impact

Red Hill
Roots Of Unrest

Shoot The Day Down
Sophia Halmen
Stolen Calendar
Sugarcoat 4 the Monster
Sven Helwig

Take Fucking Action
Terrence D
There Will Be Tranquility
Trouble in Mind


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